Awakening is a Process

The One Process is an intensive program making it possible for you to enter the process of awakening in a very short time compared to the years or decades necessary previously. The One Process is currently available in a live workshop format, and coming soon online (2016).

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We use Practical methods and personal attention

We use Practical methods and personal attention to guide your brain, body and spirit to awakening.

It's NOT reserved for a few

Years or decades of diligent practice NO LONGER required.

You're Not Alone, We're By Your Side

Personal Guidance throughout your life-journey.

We support you over the course of your experience. In our live workshops or with our upcoming online program in 2016.

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The Teachers

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Ken Kelly

Ken was aware of his true nature and the experience of Oneness since a young age. Raised in a Christian culture, he practiced Buddhism for more than 10 years which finally lead him to non-duality. The different spiritual orientations and traditions are for him only pointers to the truth, which resides always beyond all conceptualizations. He has been teaching The One Question, a practice to stabilize and deepen into the awaken state for nearly 20 years.

Brigitte Hansoul

Feeling very early the call of Truth, Brigitte first turned to science and quantum physics and became an engineering physicist. A few years later, she became a psychologist and psychotherapist then President of Therapeutia, a training institute for psychotherapy. Her spiritual practice integrates diverse non-dual approaches such as A Course in Miracles and Advaita. In 2012, an intense spiritual experience called her to dedicate her life to self-realization. After having had numerous temporary Awakening experiences, the practice of The One Question and participation in scientific research led her to a stable state of awakening. She discovered the factors that led to her transition into awakening and together with Ken integrated them into The One Process program to allow everyone to access this experience.

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