Enter into the process of awakening.

We use Practical methods that guide your brain, body and spirit to enlightenment.

Are you looking to have a direct experience of what you really are, beyond the words and concepts that you have read or heard about?
Are you looking to experience what is called the Self, Consciousness, Presence, enlightenment or non-duality?
Or are you simply looking to achieve a stable state of happiness and peace? To experience a different way of living?
On the path from the ego to the Higher Self, there is a tipping point, a threshold, which can be called the entry into the Awakening process.

From the neuroscience perspective, the experiences of being the ego or being the Higher Self, Consciousness, are reflected in the type of neural network that is activated.
Entering the process of awakening is facilitated through a neuronal switching from the neural networks of the ego to the neural networks associated with the Higher Self. There is a before and an after.
It is this shift that brings about the end of the quest, the end of the dissatisfaction, that brings the feeling that everything is fine exactly as it is here and now, the feeling that there is nothing to change in order to be happy.
A sense of peace is experienced, whatever the circumstances, thoughts or emotions that may arise. The sense of being becomes wider, more open, less limited.

If this shift has not yet occurred, you can be discouraged by conditioned responses, dissatisfaction, internal or external conflict or general suffering that goes with the identification with the ego. Sometimes it can feel like an endless quest. Maybe what you have concluded from your readings, your practices, the satsangs or teachings you have attended is that enlightenment is unlikely to occur for you.
Teachers who experienced a spontaneous awakening seem to be ‘the chosen ones', and you may not see how to reach this experience yourself, since this awakening was spontaneous.
Possibly you have followed one or more teachers or teachings for years, and among the dozens or even hundreds, of those who follow these teachings, you have seen very few awakenings.

So all this may have confirmed for you the ideas circulating on awakening: ideas that it is rare, reserved for a few, and it takes years or decades of diligent practice to occur.

Or maybe, what is difficult for you is that you have had experiences of unity, or temporary enlightenment experiences. Since then, you have been seeking how to reproduce them, how to connect to this state again, but you might not know how to do it, so you live with the impression of a lost paradise.

The One Process is an intensive program where we coupled our teachings to the latest research on awakening. We utilize the most effective methods to produce an entry into the process of awakening, as we accompanying you individually.
With this program it is possible to enter the process of enlightenment in a very short time compared to the years or decades that previously seemed necessary.

Sure, it seems incredible.
Brigitte talks about it from experience because it happened to her. By coupling these intensive practices to our non-dual approach 'The One Question' she entered after a few weeks in the awakening process.
This is also the case for 80% of participants who reported having entered the process of enlightenment after participating in the workshop.

Awakening is a process.

After the initial switch to the neural networks of the Higher Self, the unfolding of the process of awakening continues as you keep using these new neuronal functions.
The One Process leads you to enter the awakening, and it teaches you how to maintain and deepen into it. It also gives you access to a growing community of those who like you, have crossed through the door of awakening.

If you are already in the process of awakening, in The One Process you will find powerful methods that will help you accentuate your progress in the awakening process.

Unlike reading a book or listening to someone else describing how they experience enlightenment, you will be able to experience it directly.
Unlike reading a book, if you have questions or have a block, you will have the opportunity to be personally guided through it.

Enter The Process of Awakening

About Us



Ken became aware of his True Nature and experienced Oneness at an early age. Raised in a Christian culture, he had been practicing Buddhism for over ten years, which then lead to non-duality.

He has been teaching the principles of A Course in Miracles for 16 years. These various spiritual practices are for him but pointers to the Truth, which always lies beyond any conceptualization.

During a period of intensive spiritual practice in 1998, he received an inner teaching - The One Question - which facilitates the teachings in the spiritual gatherings. Putting his personality (ego) aside, Ken became more and more receptive to hear the 'still small voice' of what can be called the Universal Self, the Higher Self, or Spirit. During gatherings, Ken shares the teachings he receives in this way.

Along with being a spiritual teacher, Ken has had a career as a musician, songwriter and music producer.



Brigitte felt the call of Truth at an early age. In search of answers, she turned first to science and quantum physics and became a physicist engineer. She then became a psychologist and a psychotherapist, and had a career as a trainer in Therapeutia, the Training Institute of Psychotherapy she founded.

Her spiritual journey is marked by her encounter with A Course in Miracles and Advaita. In 2004, she experienced a spiritual connection that called her to devote her life to Self-realization.

Her encounter with Ken and his teachings of The One Question lead to the alchemy of The One Process approach.


  • Stephane - Belgium
    The words are hard to find to express to you and Ken the immense gratitude I feel regarding these fabulous moments. The extreme excitement I felt when I discovered your workshop has been more than rewarded, because what I experienced has gone above and beyond my greatest expectations. How could I expect to so quickly live all these magnificent moments with, as the epitome, this extraordinary experience beyond all words with this fusion with nature: I was all nature, I was in it. I lived in it and I felt what it "felt" ... in the evening watching this very nature, it was as if I knew it intimately, it seemed that I knew every tree, it was also as if every tree looked at me with a vibrant benevolence at the same time, recognizing me, knowing me …
    Stephane - Belgium
  • An Elisabeth - Belgium
    Dear Brigitte and Ken, thank you so much for sharing The Process... I didn’t even know it was already there, living in me... thinking one had to be a winner of the lottery to experience "that" .... And so that only a few "exceptions" could live this.. . What a joy to discover THAT... I’m really struggling to find the words... none of them fully express what I feel... It is as if all that is demystified, accessible, touched, experienced... rather than conceptualized as in many satsang. These practices have revealed what I was already living, without knowing that was it, and thus helping me to realize it more and more... Thank you for that simplicity and this truth that is transmitted.... This is the greatest gift that is revealed to me .... I have the heart exploding with gratitude for you... As I've already said, I cannot find words to express what is beyond, what is lived... it is WOW!!! And so simple at the same time.... Thank you for your presence, your simplicity, your living and practical, concrete testimony... Much, Much Love
    An Elisabeth - Belgium

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